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Burial Services

Media Obituaries

1000+ memorable pages
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Mourning Support

We help to cope with the loss
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Funeral Planning

Full ceremony organization
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Funeral Templates

All funeral necessaries
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Our Mission

We Provide Funeral Ceremonies

We provide the traditional funeral service according to client’s religion, and observe customs you honor. For further insight, consult our managers.

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Funeral Services Packages

Grief Counseling

Get Emotional Support to Help You Avoid Depression

The situation of the loss of a loved one happens suddenly, and the hardest thing for his family, friends, and especially children, is to keep psychological balance and calmness. 

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L’ impresa funebre Menchetti, con sede a Terontola, frazione di Cortona in provincia di Arezzo, garantisce sempre la massima serietà, onestà, trasparenza e professionalità in tutti i servizi offerti, restando a completa disposizione tutti i giorni, 24 ore su 24.


Località Case Sparse 39
52044 Terontola Cortona (Arezzo)

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